Four new generation neighborhood centers

Punggol, Hougang and Sembawang will build four new-generation neighborhood centers to provide residents with more shopping, dining, leisure and community activities. These new neighborhoods will be completed by 2020.

The Housing Development Board recently announced the design concept of the four neighbourhood centres. There are two new generation neighborhood centers in Punggol New Town, the Northshore Plaza in the North Shore HDB area of ​​Punggol, and the Oasis Terraces adjacent to the Punggol Waterway.

The neighborhood of Buangkok Square is close to the Buangkok Square, and the Canberra Plaza in Sembawang is opposite the built-up Canbera MRT station and upcoming Canberra Link EC.

The biggest feature of the new generation of neighborhood centers is that they have a covered community plaza for organizing various community events. These neighborhood centers also have community public spaces such as gardens and playgrounds.

These neighborhood centers also enhance connectivity with surrounding facilities. For example, the community plaza in the neighborhood of the World Square is integrated with the neighborhood park in the HDB district, and the neighborhood center is connected to the new one by the airway. The three neighborhood centers of North Shore Plaza, Oasis Terrace and Canberra Square are also higher. An aerial walkway on the ground that connects to a nearby subway or light rail station.

In order to better meet the needs of residents, HDB also collects residents’ opinions and discusses the types of shops and facilities they want through group discussions and questionnaires when planning these new neighborhood centers.

Pasir Ris Central Announces Double Concept Food World

Pasir Ris Central, not far from White Sand Park, there are in total 42 booths and 770 seats on the upper and lower floors. On the ground floor, local desirable traditional hawker food will be sold; on the second floor, FAREGROUND @ Upper Deck will launch a new generation of hawkers whom are keen on food. On top of the international food, the dining environment is more modern.

Pasir Ris Central will inject new elements into local delights. In addition to providing local traditional hawker foods familiar to Chinese, it will also introduce trendy foods sought after by young people, becoming a paradise for the next generation of hawkers to demostrate their creativity.

The Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, which will be operated by the NTUC Rich Diners Co-operative, will be divided into two sections and the ground floor will consist of 20 cooked food stalls retailing local desirable traditional hawker food. FAREGROUND @ Upper Deck on the second floor will launch a new generation of hawkers, including Western or Chinese and Western food, or Italian, French or Japanese food. There are 22 booths on this floor.

In addition to the international food on the second floor, the dining atmosphere is more fresh. It will be transformed into a social space for friends and relatives to gather and talk. In addition to dining together, you can also relax with two drinks there.

In order to ensure that residents can enjoy food at commonsense prices and good quality, and at the same time allow hawkers to have a reasonable income to support his livelihoods, NTUC requires that each stall provide at smallest amount of two affordable meals (Budget Meals) per day to ensure that residents should eat suitably a meal.


Avenue South Residence – the first large-scale project in the southern waterfront gateway

The lunar calendar, commonly known as the “Ghost Festival”, ended on Thursday, and the developers who have been inactive for a long time are busy again. This weekend, a new project will be launched to test the “water temperature” of the property market. One of the more eye-catching new debuts is the Avenue South Residence on Silat Avenue.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently announced the details of the development of the Southern Waterfront at the National Day Rally, which has caused the attention of private home buyers. UOL is vigorously promoting Avenue South is “the first large private residential project in front of the southern waterfront gateway”.

Avenue South Residence has a total of 1074 units, distributed in two 56-storey residential buildings and five four-storey retaining buildings. The developer will launch 300 units first. The price of more than half of the units is less than $1.5 million, the one bedroom unit starts from $850,000, and the second bedroom unit jumps from $1.15 million.

UOL’s president pointed out at the project promotion meeting yesterday that the Avenue South Residence unit is divided into three categories, including the Peak Collection on the upper floors, the Horizon Collection on the lower floors, and the Heritage Collection in the reserved buildings. The average price is $2250, $1980 and $1780.

According to the letter, the Southern waterfront gateway will be an important development project for the government to reshape Singapore. This 2,000-hectare area, equivalent to six areas of the Marina Bay area, will promote more vigorous business and leisure activities and create many business opportunities. It will also bring huge value-added potential to private houses around the area.

He also hinted that the company won the land of Avenue South Residence at a competitive price, so it would allow the first batch of buyers to enjoy a more attractive price. However, the price of the project may increase, just like the projects such as The Tre Ver and Amber 45.

The bidding for the 10 private houses in Tampines

The private sector in Tampines Ave 10 attracts the nine-party bid, and the City Development (CDL) subsidiary has the highest bid.

Analysts pointed out that developers are more rational in this round of bidding than the previous competitive bidding for private lots. This is mainly because the location is far from the subway station, the overall price is also pulled up due to the large area of ​​the lot, plus some developers to recharge the list of government sales in the second half of the upcoming announcement.

The bidding for the lot was closed at noon yesterday. According to the Urban Renewal Authority, the highest bid is Bellevue Properties, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Urban Development. The bid price is $370.10 million, equivalent to a floor area ratio of $565 per square foot.

Kingsford, the second-highest bid, was bidding at $350 million, 5.4% lower than the highest price, equivalent to a floor area ratio of $535 per square foot.

Urban development has not been successful in bidding for private homes in the past year. The group issued a statement yesterday saying that if it wins the bid, it will build an apartment with about 15 floors and about 800 units. All units are oriented from north to south and the apartment also has a child care centre.

375 units sold in two days, Piermont Grand set EC price record

This year’s first new executive condominium (EC), Piermont Grand, sold 375 or 46% of its units in the first two days of the opening from 17 July 2019, with an average selling price of $1080 per square foot, setting a record for the highest price of EC. .

The Piermont Grand in Sumang Walk is jointly developed by City Development (CDL) and TID.

Urban Development issued a statement on Sunday that as of 6 pm, 375 of the 820 units were sold, making it the best-selling real estate project this year. The project has three to five bedroom units ranging in size from 840 to 1701 square feet with a starting price ranging from $888,000 to $1.58 million.

According to the statement, 245 units of buyers are the second home buyers, accounting for about 30% of the total number of units. According to the current regulations of the Housing Development Board, 30% of the units at the time of the opening of the EC are reserved for the second home purchasers. As a result of the full amount, the second home purchaser who could not buy a house this time can purchase from the remaining units after one month.

The last launch of the EC project, Rivercove Residences, sold about 500 units at a record price of 965 yuan, about 80% of the total, when it opened in April last year. Now 628 units have been sold out, and the median price is about $1,000.

First land was awarded under the new religious land framework Singapore

According to

Singapore Soka Association successfully awarded the first tender for the new religious land bidding framework with a price of 7.08 million. In the future, the religious land in Punggol will be developed into a Chinese temple.

According to the website of the Housing Development Board, the religious site at the junction of Sumang Walk and Sumang Link was launched on October 30 last year. The tender was closed on January 8 this year. Close to the land, it is the Piermont Grand EC (Executive Condominium) at Sumang Walk by CDL. The distance to the nearby Waterway Point is about 5 minutes.

According to the data, Singapore Soka Association was successfully awarded today (25th).

This religious land area is about 2007 square meters and the lease term is 30 years. In addition to the Singapore Soka Association, the other five parties bidding earlier were Diqing Forest, Amaranth Bacheng Temple Sanqinggong Co., Ltd., South Island Tianxindong Association, Confucius and Mencius Temple, and Sanqinggong Taoist Cultural Center.

According to the new tendering framework announced by the Ministry of National Development last September, the tendering activities for religious land will be carried out in two phases.

In the first stage, bidders must meet three conditions, namely, they must be registered religious groups, regularly organize activities that benefit the vast community of our country, and explain their demand for religious land.

After successfully passing the selected bidders, they can participate in the second stage of the bidding activity. The authorities will assess the financial situation of the bidders and then issue the lot to the religious group with the highest bidding price.

Factors to note when considering Sumang Walk EC

Well, Sumang Walk EC being the only new launch EC (Executive Condominium) in 2019, attracts lots of attentions. The accumulated demand is true, the supply is scarce. But, some factors needs to be factored in before you decide to purchase Sumang EC.

There’re many debates in the discussion forum. Let’s hear them out loudly –

Punggol, the furthest estate in the northeast, is separated from Pasir Gudang, Johor by the Straits of Johor. As Pasir Gudang is the industrial area of Johor, people living in Punggol are occasionally the first in Singapore to be exposed to unpleasant smells coming from factories over there.

The gross permit-able area to build should be fixed bah, they build 2 br or 3 br, the max area should be fixed so i guess its up to the developer to decide how they want to build..

More likely i’m thinking they will build smaller size 3 bedders to accommodate the income bracket for ECs, don’t think they will build 2 bedders, how many local families will want to stay in a 400-500sf 2bedder ? 

Reason why CDL can afford to bid so high maybe because they have leftover materials in the vicinity or they buy in bulks so the cost is cheaper (coco palms/tapestry) .

Many will have no choice & accept the smaller units in new ECs soon like in private condo.
Buy old units to have bigger space then . 

The cost is land >> material. Expect cheaper material. No more branded materials / no this no that.
And expect bigger aircon ledge / balcony if they are more evil 

Apart from these comments, there are some good experiments done. E.g., the distance to the waterway point is only 7-min in leisure walk. Check out this video & stay tuned.